CPR in schools

Content:             Adult / Child / Infant (1 rescuer) OAM
Introduction to face shields and pocket masks.
AED provider
Optional: Infant CPR + OAM (additional fees will apply)
Duration of course:      Approximately 4 hours (depending on size of group)
Cost: NA

The class will be catered to adolescent’s ages 12 to 16. This course is a great way to teach young individuals about responsibility, build self-confidence, and increase their awareness to health-related issues. It is a fun and creative environment, where the students will be able to perform hands-on practice with human-like manikins. ation is part of Montréal Secours (in order to receive credits to your profession).

CPR: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation OAM: Obstructed airway maneuvers AED: Automatic Electrical defibrillator